Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Sunday

On Easter Sunday we ate breakfast around 9:30, then had a "nest hunt" in the backyard. Actually it was an Easter basket hunt, but Jana's mother called it a nest hunt. When she asked me about it earlier, I thought we would be hunting for Easter grass nests, so I told her that "nest hunt" was a good term to use, not realizing that we would be searching for baskets. So anyway, we went out in the back yard and Caroline, Jana, and Jana's sister each had a nice Easter basket and the adults each had a small candy gift to find. It was fun!

We then traveled to a place near Mettlach, Germany where the Saar River makes an interesting bend. It's called the Saarschleife, and is the most famous spot in Saarland. It was a hazy day, but I imagine it would be quite beautiful if the sky were clear. We then continued on to Chateau de Malbrouck, a castle near Manderen, France. Twenty years ago the castle lay in ruins. A massive restoration project was begun in 1988, painstakingly meshing the new with the old. It took ten years, but the castle was beautifully restored. (I think I have the dates right.) They were having an interesting exhibition on Napoleon and I learned a lot.

After our afternoon at the castle we stopped at a manmade lake/recreation area near Losheim, Germany for a quick look. Of course we had to eat cake, as it was 4:00 p.m. The lake was nice, but the Bostalsee we visited the previous day was nicer. We got back to the house around 5:30 and relaxed a bit before our dinner of leftover potato soup, scrambled eggs, beets, and leftover meat from the cookout. A few games of rummy were played before bedtime.

I added more photos to my Flickr site. Click here!

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