Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Sunday in Sankt Wendel

Sunday April 5th
We spent Sunday in Sankt Wendel where Jana and her dad participated in a relay. There were 2 others on the relay team, and between the four runners they ran a marathon. We went with Jana's mom, sister and sister's boyfriend to watch and cheer for the team. The town was very busy with rides for the children, food tents, bands, and American-style cheerleaders. It was very festive, and then on top of the marathon festivities, the town was decorated for Easter.

After we watched Jana's team finish the race, Jana's mom took us to the St. Wendel catholic church and the protestant church. We also sat outside at an ice cream shop for a snack. Caroline and I shared a crepe with Nutella and Amaretto. Tasty!

Later we ate dinner at Taparia Pizzaria. Present at the dinner were Jana's family, the other 2 team members, the wife and daughter of one of the team members, and also his in-laws from England. It was a good time with good food. I had a Diovalo pizza with pepperoni, onions and hot peppers. Karl had the Solo Mio pizza with garlic, pepperoni and black olives. Caroline had the Hawaiian pizza with ham and pineapple.

After dinner we went back to Jana's house and played Yatzee (or Yatzy, as it's spelled in Germany).

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  1. Nancy,
    I am enjoying being a part of your adventures. Thanks for sharing.